About us

Organizations, that are part of today’s cyber world is under significant pressure of all possible threats and attack, and those are coming from outside and inside of organizations, as Cyber Security projects of enterprises, which is experiencing especially on cyber security level number of Issues of utmost concern include stifling compliance regulations, the struggle to secure customer data and third-party risk.

SophistIT is bringing the next generation technologies with combination of sophisticated services, as answer to cyber threats and cyber security needs of today’s world. Our solutions are combination of detection and analytic tools enriched by elite cyber security platforms, as digital forensic investigation, professional and immediate reaction to data breach, deep testing and security of applications, web applications, whole communication and analytic of digital risk in real-time.

We are confident regarding our sophisticated solution and services, that will help you in significant measure to eliminate risks with cyber threats and better secure your data, information and investments.

SophistIT Team


Our company holds the Quality Assurance ISO 9001 Certificate and Our Information Security System has been certified according to ISO 27001 with the scope of Complex elite services and consultancy specializing in cyber security and IT solutions.
The policy of the integrated management system you can find HERE.